What Siding Colors Go with a Brown Roof?

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How to Match a House and Roof Color

The brown color palette has many different shades in it; from dark to light and weathered wood, each hue comes with different undertones. Cream, beige and yellows go particularly well with brown roofs but, if you want to make a statement, why not try greens and blues?

Follow our guide to make sure you end up with the home exterior of your dreams!


Yellow shades remain a trendy house color that ages well; additionally, they pair nicely with a variety of roof colors, including brown. 

Warm yellow tones contrast with lighter brown roofs and will give your house a subtle monochrome look. Meanwhile, darker brown shingles work well with soft yellows; add some white trim for an even brighter effect!


A very popular combination in the southwest of the U.S. is terra-cotta painted houses with brown shingled or tiled roofs. Terra-cotta has beautiful rose undertones that give the combination warmth and remind us of the colors of the desert. 

Regardless of where you live, this color scheme will transport you to warm memories every time you look at your home. 

Whites, Taupes and Beiges

For a more discrete and classic look, whites, taupes, and beiges will do the trick. The latter are lighter versions of brown and will work wonderfully with medium to darker brown roofs. 

On the other hand, creamy whites will give your home a more contemporary look and some beautiful contrast that will bring out the radiance of your brown roof. 

Blues and Greens

Greens and browns represent the color of forests and woodlands. For a more daring look, try darker shades of green; they will certainly catch the eye of any passerby! The softness of the undertones found in green colors will blend beautifully with your brown roof, no matter the shade.

Just like green hues, blue shades will match splendidly with brown roofs. No matter where you live, the color of the skies, oceans, and glaciers will give your home a joyful and everlasting look.

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