Identifying Wind Damage On Your Roof

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How to Identify Wind Damage on Your Roof

If a storm passes through your town, you should inspect the outside of your home to evaluate the aftermath. And depending on the wind speeds, there could be broken tree branches, torn down power lines, or other property impairments. From the team of roofing professionals in Connecticut, we will help you identify the signs of wind damage on your roof so you can get the necessary repairs requested.

Flawed Shingles

The most visible clue of roof wreckage is the appearance of shingles. They may be loose, missing, or peeling. The shingles on your roof prevent water from coming inside your house. Therefore, there are a variety of problems that can occur if there are problems with shingles. For instance, missing shingles exposes your place to water damage and deterioration of your roof.

Chimney Problems

After you inspect the condition of the shingles, analyze your chimney; ask yourself if it looks crooked. If it does, that means there is a major issue in your hands. It could be missing spots of lashing which will allow water inside because there is no more sealing around the chimney. Again, you don’t want water damage to ruin your house’s infrastructure because it will be an expensive bill.

Indoor Leaks

Though it may sound strange to examine inside your house, you may be able to catch some indications of roof destruction. You want to look for any discoloration, wet spots, or peeling paint on your walls. If you see those signs, your roof is most likely leaking due to the effects of the strong winds. From that point, you should consider getting in touch with a roofing professional. 

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