Top Reasons To Install Your New Roof During The Fall

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Should I Install My New Roof in the Fall?

This spring and summer might have brought a lot of rain storms to your area, which can take a toll on your roof. The sun is also no friend to the protective covering of your roof and shingles. 

If you believe your roof might need to be replaced before the harsh Connecticut winter arrives, Above the Rest Roofing and Siding in Plantsville, CT is here to help and show you why fall is the best installation time.

Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Install a New Roof

Perfect Temperature

Typically, the fall weather isn’t too harsh for a new roof. It’s not too hot or cold, making it the ideal condition for new installation. Any temperature above 45 degrees in the fall is perfect for all your exterior renovation projects. 

Furthermore, your shingles need time to adhere to your roof and having a few months before it gets too cold gives them the ideal amount of time to seal properly. They’ll help protect against rain and snow and keep your home insulated.

Increase Protection Against Snow

Connecticut winters can be cold and snowy. You don’t want that snow leaking into your home or creating frigid temperatures from an uninsulated roof. When your roofer starts taking off your old shingles, they will be able to fix any damage to the roof underneath and seal it with new shingles. You can’t be sure what harm there might be from previous snow buildup and icicles along the roofline that could have gotten below the shingles. Getting the area under your shingles checked and fixed before the snow comes again is an excellent way to ensure your house is protected against harsh weather for years to come!


Stay warm this holiday season with a new roof from Above the Rest Roofing & Siding in Plantsville, CT. New roofing will insulate your home from the heat and the cold. You won’t have to have the heat on as high this winter, which saves you money, all while protecting the planet!

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