Vinyl Siding Cleaning Guide

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Clean Your Vinyl Siding in 3 Simple Steps

For years, vinyl has been used as a durable and low-maintenance material to wrap the exterior of houses. However, over time, it is natural to notice some wear and tear on your property's siding; from pollen to spider webs, many elements can make your home's outdoor walls look dull and aged. 

Not to worry! The team of roofing professionals at Above The Rest Roofing and Siding has put together a simple guide to help you maintain your siding clean and shiny for years to come! 

Look For Blemishes

Spotting blemishes and imperfections is the first step to take when planning to clean your home’s siding; this will allow you to address any necessary repairs before spraying your home with water and impede moisture from entering the inner walls of your residence.  

Remove Debris, Dirt, and Stains

Once you are sure that there are no repairs to be made on your siding or mend any existing cracks and loose pieces, you can continue with the cleanup! Start by spraying down the vinyl with a hose or a power washer set on low pressure. Do this one small area at a time to ensure you are not damaging the paint or top coating on your home’s siding. 

Spray and Scrub

Now that you have cleaned away all superficial stains, dust, and debris, the time has come for you to scrub! Use a non-abrasive cleaner or ask your trusted roofer for recommendations for the best products to use on your vinyl siding. 

Add the cleaning solution to a pump spray bottle; you can then proceed to cover the siding with the product and let it sit for a few minutes to guarantee the best results possible. Consequently, gently scrub the vinyl with a soft cloth or a brush and thoroughly rinse it with a hose to remove any leftover product and dirt. 

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