What To Do If Your Gutters Freeze

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Why Do Gutters Freeze?

When your gutter systems are blocked, they fill up with water or snow and, if the temperatures drop below freezing, ice starts forming, preventing your gutters from functioning efficiently. Additionally, frozen gutters can cause damage to the area where they are installed. 

On a positive note, these issues are often preventable!

Frozen Gutter Remedies

Hot Water

Pouring hot water onto your frozen gutters is one of the most effective and easiest ways to get rid of ice buildup. However, climbing the roof to defrost your gutter system can be bothersome and dangerous. 

Try hooking up a hose to your hot water supply; it will allow you to reach your gutters without risking a bad fall or burning yourself! 

Roof Rakes

Oftentimes, multiple layers of ice and snow build up in your gutters, making it harder to defrost as they accumulate. To prevent these ice dams from forming, use a roof rake after every snowfall. Roof rakes allow you to clean up built-up snow and are very efficient at keeping ice from building up near your gutters.

Additionally, you can use them to clean up leaves, branches and debris that might have fallen on your roof and could potentially end up in your gutter system. 

Preventing Frozen Gutters

Preventing frozen gutters is the best way to ensure ice and snow don’t cause any damage to your home during the winter. From installing heating panels or gutter guards to regularly cleaning your gutter system, there are many affordable solutions to keep your gutters frost-free during the colder months. 

Contact a specialist today and upgrade your gutters before the freezing temperatures can cause any further damage.  

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