Roof & Siding Wind Damage Repairs in Connecticut

Wind Damage Repair

With high winds comes all sorts of potential damage to your roofing and siding. It’s crucial that after a big wind storm, you inspect the roof over your head because those high winds may have caused significant damage, and it might not be easy to detect. There may be shingles that have loosened, shingles or tiles that are missing, or granule loss. As a result, you could be facing some serious problems for your structure or the interior of your home involving leaks and water damage. The adhesive seal on your roof shingles, which sheds water, can be broken as well.

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Wind Speeds and Damage

  1. 45-57 MPH winds will:
    • Cause slight damage to occur
    • Tear down tree branches
    • Remove loose shingles
  2. 58-74 MPH winds will:
    • Rip off shingles
    • Begin uprooting trees
    • Tear down tree limbs
  3. 75-89 MPH winds will:
    • Cause severe roof damage
    • Flip mobile homes
    • Cause widespread tree damage
  4. 90+ MPH winds will:
    • Cause severe damage to commercial roofs
    • Rampant tree damage
    • Significant damage to homes

Helping to Protect Homes in All Connecticut Neighborhoods

If you have had a storm recently with winds over 45 MPH, give us a call. At Above the Rest Roofing and Siding, we look for any specific signs of damage that an insurance company will look for to cover the cost to repair your roof. If you notice any warning signs, don’t wait to repair the damage.