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How to Tell if Wind has Damaged Your Roof

After a high wind storm it is usually a sigh of relief to not have lost power to your home and there is no visible wind damage to your roof or property. However, it is important to inspect the roof over your head because those high winds may have significantly damaged your roof. The signs of damage may not be as clear to see. There may be shingles that have loosened, shingles that are missing, or granule loss. As a result, these problems can lead to serious damage to your roof or even the interior of your home. At Above The Rest Roofing And Siding, we look for these specific signs of damage that an insurance company will look for in order to cover the cost to repair your roof. If you notice any of these warning signs, give the experts at Above the Rest a call today.

Wind Speeds and Roof Damage

45-57 mph

58-74 mph

75-89 mph

90+ mph

Wind damage to roof shingles

After signifigant wind speeds, roof shingles can be blown off completely, leaving your home suceptible to leaks and water damage in your home. However, according to the National Weather Service, winds speeds of 45mph can start to cause damage to you roof, and it may not be as easy to detect. The adhesive seal on your roof shingles, which sheds water, can be broken as well. Always be thorough when inspecting your roof, and contact our specialists to assist you in the process.

How much damage to repair roof

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, wind damage to your roof typically begins at the edges of your roof because they are more susceptible to high stress. However, any roofing material that is loose is susceptible to high winds can be lost during high winds. While this damage may appear minor at first glance, wind damage to your roof shingles can certainly escalate. For example, when wind is able to get underneath the edges or loose areas in your roof, it pushes the shingles or material up. And because with each wind storm it is easier to push the material up, shingles eventually will rip off of the roof in a chain-like effect.

Don't wait to repair wind damage to your roof

If you have had a storm recently with winds over 45mph, give us a call. We serve all neighborhoods in Connecticut including Hartford, New Haven, Bristol, New London, North Haven, Fairfield and all nearby areas offering a FREE roof inspection for all of the damage that insurance companies will look for to cover the cost. Most importantly, do not wait to call. Wind damage is only guaranteed to get worse over time.

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